Social Discovery A Problem For Social Games

Simon Collins:

Interesting piece on GamesBeat especially liked the reference to crossover to mobile. I agree one of the big problems facing the industry is the issue of discovery. How do you find this cool content if you are on say an Android phone. A lot of the app stores are just too cluttered.

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

We had a great time at our well-attended GamesBeat 2012 conference last week talking about the road ahead in games and the Crossover Era. Here’s a summary of some of the sharpest thinking we heard at this year’s event, which made clear that change is spilling over into all sectors of gaming.

As one observer put it, there was a lot of “high energy” at the conference, even if the industry doesn’t know exactly where to go yet. Despite all of the worry about the difficult transition ahead, analyst firm DFC Intelligence predicted this week that the worldwide game business will grow from $67 billion in 2012 to $82 billion in 2017. So despite some short-term worry, the road ahead in gaming will be awesome.

Crossing over to mobile gaming

Mark Pincus opened the conference with a fireside chat before our combined audience of MobileBeat 2012 and GamesBeat…

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